Kadmus Olive Oil

Bringing tradition into the future

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Olive tree

Quality olive oil
every season

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from grove to table

Our zero-waste olive mill is based in Xironomi, Greece. It’s where we bring our sustainable approach to the olive milling process, along with smart farming techniques to make sure that our olive oil maintains superb taste and aroma.

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Local olives,
wide-reaching impact

Community at the heart of what we do

Our olive mill brings local communities together around a common vision: producing nutritious Extra Virgin Olive Oil while respecting the surrounding environment.

We believe that providing local farmers with jobs and a fair price for their produce has a positive impact on their lives.

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Our services

We champion a holistic olive milling experience that stays true to our values of sustainability. Any waste produced is managed responsibly, repurposed and reused. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds nutritional value to every dish.

  • Harvesting, transporting and milling

  • Olive oil storage

  • Wholesale trading

  • Distribution and export

  • Olive grove management

  • Advisory and support to producers

Trust the taste

Upholding quality standards every time

120 tons of olive oil storage capacity
1000 sqm modern milling facility
8 tons per hour production capacity

Olive groves
steeped in history

Carrying the heritage forward through the ages

We’re three friends who want to pay tribute to the Greek tradition of olive growing, harvesting and milling.

We named our olive mill Kadmus after the legendary Phoenician prince. Kadmus founded the ancient city of Thebes, which was an agricultural powerhouse and the capital of the Boeotia region.

Our Kadmus olive mill is located in the village of Xironomi in Boeotia, which is famous for its quality olive oil.


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Mobile: +30 6906518655, +30 6949104422

Address: Xironomi, Boeotia, Greece

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